How do I setup a firm account and add people?

To setup a corporate account, an individual in charge of the organization's billing (referred to hereafter as "Administrator" or "Admin" for short) must register for an Inforuptcy account and subscribe to a plan. Once subscribed, just login and follow these steps:

  1. click on your name in the top right corner of any page
  2. click on "corporate account" from the choices available along the top
  3. Invite other members of your organization by entering their email address and clicking "Add"

 If they are a registered users of Inforuptcy, they will be automatically added as a sub-account. If they are not registered users of Inforuptcy, they will be sent an invitation by email. Once they follow the steps in the email and register with Inforuptcy, they will be joined as sub-accounts. As the Administrator, you can add or remove sub-accounts at any time.

 Until they accept the invitation and register, Admin will see the invitation under "pending."

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