Why are some parts of the docket missing?

If you're viewing only a partial docket, that means that no one has imported the entire docket before. Alternatively, or in addition, the docket may not be updated up to the minute. This article describes how you can do either or both with a couple of clicks.

NOTE: if you are receiving ECF emails on a case, you do not need to worry about updating for new entries as that will automatically be done for you.

Import Older Missing Entries

Often you will start receiving ECF emails after a certain point in a bankruptcy case. Going forward the docket will always be updated for you.  However, if you want to view the docket sheet PRIOR to when you joined the case, you can easily import it from PACER and have it permanently stored along with the rest of the case information so it becomes viewable anytime for everyone in your firm.

With a couple of clicks, you can instantly import any missing entries from Pacer by using the "More Dockets" feature as shown below:


Click on "More dockets" to expose the import box shown below:


Enter the desired docket range by either document number or date range, and then click "Buy Docket Sheet."

TIP: to import an entire docket, just leave the boxes blank and click buy docket.

Within a couple seconds, you will see the range you selected. To view the entire docket (prior entries plus the new ones you just imported), click the "clear" link at the right end of the search bar shown below:

If you decide not to use the import box after you expose it, just click on "hide" at the top right of the import box to close it.

Updating for Newest Entries

There is always a “last updated” time-stamp shown at the top of every docket:

If this case is NOT updating via ECF emails, you can click on the Update icon right next to the time stamp to check PACER and update the docket in real time (PACER pass-through charges apply).

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