How do I view the claims register on a case?

You can access the the claims register from the full case menu.

If you're viewing a docket, click on the "Menu" tab to the left of docket tab:


The will present the full case menu:

If the claims register is already in our system, you will see a view for free button that you can click to view the register.

If the claims register is NOT already in our system, you can import it from Pacer by clicking on the green "Buy" button (Pacer pass-through charges apply).

If you click buy, the import box will be shown:

Select a range of claims to import, or leave blank for the entire claims register, and click the green "Buy Claims Register" button.

Viewing the Claims Register Summary Tables 

To view the summary tables, click the "Summary" icon shown below:

 Updating the Claims Register or Summary Tables

If you are receiving ECF emails on a case, the claims shown will update automatically. However, the summary tables do not update automatically.

To update the summary tables yourself, or to update a claims register for which you do NOT receive ECF emails, simply click on the green "Update Summary" button shown below:

Other Features regarding Claims Registers:

The ability to search, download, print and perform other tasks regarding the claims registers are just like our dockets. Read about our docket features to learn more.


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