How can I get a list of cases with key data points based on specific criteria?

Our Reports feature lets you directly access court records of specific jurisdictions to generate lists of cases based on various criteria. The list of cases will be available in CSV and HTML format. If you want to regularly receive a report of cases, you can automate the entire process of generating the report, and having it delivered to you via email on a delivery schedule of your choosing.

Start by clicking on the Filings tab on our main navigation along the top of the page. Then click on Reports (last tab from the left):

On the Reports tab, you start by selecting the required criteria to generate your list of cases. Then you can add additional filters to narrow your list and click Run Report:

Note: To have the CSV report include party information such as name, address, and contact information, select "Yes" for "Party Info" under Advanced Filters (as shown above). 

Once you run your report, you will get results that look like this:

You can immediately download the CSV file by clicking on the icon. The CSV file includes more information about each case, including contact info if you selected yes to Party Info as part of your optional filters.

Note: If you navigate away from this page without downloading the CSV, you will need to rerun the report (and incur the Pacer pass-through charge again) to get the CSV.

If you click on Automate Delivery, you can set a schedule to regularly receive a report via email.

You can edit your automated report from your Dashboard a any time.





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