How do I use client codes?

When you do research on Inforuptcy, you may be doing it on behalf of a client. You can use our Client Code feature to keep track of all your billing on a per client basis. Simply enter a code into the client code box before you incur charges on behalf of a client.

Once you select a code, you may clear it by clicking on the "x" at the end of box. After entering a client code, any charges you incur will be attributed to that client (under the spending report) until you either clear the box or enter a new code. Client codes will be stored for future use only if a charge is actually incurred on

Client Codes are also shared firm-wide. If one member creates a new client code, other members may retrieve it from the drop down menu. The firm's spending report identifies all charges by purchaser and client code entered (shown above).
The Admin can make client codes mandatory for the entire firm. By doing so, no one in the firm can access PACER or incur a charge without a code first being assigned. Mandatory client codes, once assigned to a case, will be auto-populated so entry is not required each time. However, it can be changed at anytime by simply entering a new code into the client code box.
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