How do I view a docket on a case?

If the docket is already in one of your CaseFolders, just click on the CaseFolder name and the docket will automatically open. To find the CaseFolder you want, you can read about CaseFolders here.

If you're looking for a docket you've never seen before, first do a Case Lookup, and then click on the case number of the case you want. Your will either be taken to the docket (if it's already in our system) or Case Menu.

If the docket opens automatically, that means we have it or some part of it - check the time stamp as you may need to update it.

If the Case Menu opens, then we do not have the docket for the case and you will need to import it from Pacer. Simply click the green "Buy" button shown below:

This will open the import box and you can click on "Buy Docket Sheet" to import the docket as shown below.


Once you import a docket, it will be stored for you in a CaseFolder! the next time you want to view the docket, just click on the CaseFolder name.





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