How can I print or download multiple PDFs from a docket at once?

At the top of the docket we provide a toolbox that allows you to take all sorts of actions quickly and efficiently:

Print: let’s you print the visible range of either the docket sheet or the PDFs.  

Example: If you searched for docket numbers 100 - 110, you would see only those entries on the screen. You can then print those docket entries OR print all the PDF’s in that range with 1 click.

Download: works similarly to print; allows you to download PDFs in the range of entries shown. You can download as single combined PDF document or as a zip of multiple PDFs.

Example: you select documents 100, and 108-110 in the document range box on the top most row and click search. Only those entries display. You can now download any PDFs contained within those entries either as a zip file or a combined PDF.


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