How can I automatically track and get alerted of an event in a case?

You can automatically track critical events for federal court cases by setting Dockets Alerts. Docket alerts will check PACER and automatically update the docket and if desired email you new entries. You can configure docket alerts for a number of situations. You can set hourly to weekly intervals to have Inforuptcy update the docket from PACER, and you can set keywords to receive an email when a docket entry is matched to your keywords.

To use Docket Alerts, find the case you're interested in from your CaseFolders and click on the CaseFolder name. If you do not have a CaseFolder yet, use our Case Lookup to find the case, and then bookmark it.

Once you are viewing a specific CaseFolder, you will see tabs along the top as shown below:

Click on "Docket Alerts" tab, and you will see a toggle switch:

Then follow these steps (also shown below):

  1. Click on the "Off" button to turn it "On"
  2. Choose your frequency and starting time from the drop-downs.
  3. Then click the "Set" button.
  4. Choose whether you want to be sent an email of new docket entries or not (from the radio buttons shown below).
  5. To turn it off, just click the "On" switch to "Off".

NOTE: Docket Alerts checks Pacer for new entries and thereby incurs a Pacer pass-through charge, so be aware of the frequency you set and turn it off when you no longer need it.



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