How can I search within Schedule A/B for business bankruptcy cases with specific types of assets such as real property or account receivable?

From the Advanced Search tab, first you make sure you have selected  “Business Schedules” under Template Alerts in the right under the boolean search parameters. Once that is selected, you can select “Schedule A/B” from the Schedule Filters, then select a Category like “Accounts Receivable” and then choose a range. If the “To:” is left blank, it will assume the maximum result. If the “From” is left blank, it will assume zero. You can also select from any of the other filters such as the Financial Filters to narrow your search results. You can narrow your choices from Case Information such as choosing specific jurisdictions. Lastly, under the Date Filters, you can narrow your time period from the “Documents filed from:” and ”through”. Please keep in mind that the Schedule Filters will only apply to 2016 cases. 

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